AXIX Sinks by The 1810 Company

AXIX Sinks are a unique concept that creates an upmarket contemporary finish. AXIX Sinks allows for a combination of your Gemini worktop surface on the sides of the sink with a contemporary steel bottom to give the designer finished look.

Axixuno 210U QG


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Axixuno 355U QG


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Axixuno 450U QG


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Axixuno 500U QG


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Axixuno 700U QG


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AXIX Sinks for Gemini Solid Surface

Chelsea quartz

Axixuno 190U SOS


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Axixuno 355SOS Stainless Steel


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Axixuno 350SOS Copper


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Axixuno 500 SOS


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Axixuno 700U SOS Copper


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Axixuno 355U/150U SOS


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Axixuno 355U/150U Half SOS


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The AXIX sinks are manufactured to the same exacting standard of every 1810 sink, using 1.2mm, 304 grade stainless steel. A PVD finish in Copper, Gunmetal or Gold Brass is also available. PVD is a process used to create a very durable, corrosion and tarnish free finish. PVD is extremely durable but not invincible, scratches will appear as they do with stainless steel but will also develop a patina over time.

All sinks have protective powder coating on the underside (Insusound) which insulates helping to retain the heat of the water in the bowl whilst also reducing noise if a waste disposer is fitted. A full maxmiser plumbing kit, basket strainer waste and colour match drain cover is also supplied providing all parts required for any sink installation. All sinks are tested to BS EN 13310: 2003 / BS EN 13310: 2015 and are CE certified.

AXIX is backed by The 1810 Company 75 year guarantee that warrants the sinks to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal usage. The Gemini Worktops material warranties on Chelsea Quartz and  Chelsea Solid Surface are also applicable for the surface material.


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